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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Viking Run 2007

Today was the "Viking Run at Rapunzel's school. This is the second year that she has participated. And the second year she'll make me go broke. Last year she did 18 laps, this year she did 21. She even got her Papa and me to run with her for a few laps.

The Viking Run is a lot of fun for the kids, it seemed that every single child was smiling even if they were exhausted. At the end they get a popsicle and a medal. And the top boy and girl from each class get to participate in a money grab. (They get to grab a handful of coins out of a jar, the bigger your hands the more you can get.) Each child is given a sponsor sheet to take home to earn donations. You can pledge per lap, or just a standard donation. Chaos Kid and I pledged $1.00 each per lap last year, and Rapunzel expects no less this year. But it's worth it. The money raised pays for fieldtrips, school activities, and some classroom expenses.

If anyone would like to make a pledge for Rapunzel email me or leave a comment. Rapunzel has until April 5th to collect pledges, she has to turn them in on the 6th.